How to get gorgeous new Apple TV screensavers on your Mac


Apple TV's wallpapers look even better on Mac.
Apple TV's wallpapers look even better on Mac.
Photo: John Coates

One of the coolest features of the new Apple TV is its absolutely stunning new screensavers, which fly you through some of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

Apple hasn’t announced any plans to bring the screensavers over to the Mac yet, but they’re such a perfect fit that developer John Coates created a new Swift app that lets anyone get the beautiful backdrops on their desktop.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Download Aerial from Github.
2) Open the .zip file and double-click Aerial.saver to install.
3) Go to System Preferences >> Desktop & Screen Saver >> Screen Saver
4) Select Aerial
5) Click Screen Saver Options to customize which scenes Aerial uses.


The app has a couple of nice extras, like Auto Load Latest Aerials to keep you up to date. There’s an option to play a different aerial on each display if you use multiple screens, and you can pick favorites to have only certain aerials play.

Via: GitHub

  • Chris Davis

    THESE ARE AWESOME! Thank you John Coates for porting these to Mac.

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  • Genkakuzai

    Great shit! Cheers!

  • Benjamin Jones

    So what am I missing? I followed the instructions, but when I go to select the screen saver, all I get is the default Aerial screensaver with no button for more options.

    • dcj001

      After you select Aerial, there is a Select Options button in the right side of the System Preferences window.

      • herbaled

        And when I click on that “Screen Saver Options …” button the only choice I have is to click on “Play Different Aerial on Each Display.”

        The only thing that’s happening so far is when the screensaver comes on I get one Aerial photo that never changes. And yes, I’ve selected all of the Aerial photos to play.

        I’ve never had this problem with other screen savers, so I’m puzzled. Can you … or anyone here … show me how easy this is and how dense I am?

      • Sam Buddington

        you seem to need an internet connection to stream them from the website…

  • DrMuggg


  • TJ

    Wow, blown away cool. I have three monitors, including an Airplay monitor and with a different aerial on each display it’s just super amazing. THANK YOU

  • Sam Buddington

    Very cool! would love to go 1 step further and set this as my desktop background so its there when I’m using it? any ideas on how to do this?

  • Darthque

    SERIOUSLY. why isn’t this shit on patreon or why isn’t there a pay pal button???? I’d SO donate some $$$ for this shit.

  • Ulti737fs .

    On my MacBook, they seem to play for about 2 seconds then stop moving. Any help?

  • PeeJAY

    My system will not allow me to install it, saying that only apps from the App store can be installed under my current security settings, but I am not sure how to change that… anyone?

    • William LeVan

      Go to System Preferences-Security & Privacy and turn on Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere

      • PeeJAY

        Thank you!

  • Joe A. Schwyter

    btw. taken from video edit software like Final Cut etc. you can control the fly-over by pressing the J / K / L keys on the keyboard (rewind / pause / forward and ffwd up to 5x.

  • Ivan Rockhead

    Thank you for posting this

  • Sacha

    Thanks so much! These screensavers are so nice, I hope Apple bring them to OS X.