New YouTube For Free Kids Books Is Just Right For iPad



ePub Bud is a new site that simply describes itself as “YouTube for children’s books”. And it’s just right for iPad.

Despite being founded in extremely sad circumstances, the site has a particularly joyful approach to its mission – which is to provide free, no-DRM book publishing for anyone and everyone, with particular emphasis on books for kids.

And best of all for you all you lucky iPad owners, the ePub format works perfectly in Apple’s iBooks application. (It also works in Stanza for iPhone, and in dozens of other apps on other platforms.)

Just like YouTube, the clear inspiration for everything from the attitude to the visual design of ePub Bud, you can upload your own creations for sharing with others. You don’t even need to create them as ePub files – just upload your manuscript in whatever format you have, and the site will do its best to get it converted.

There’s even a built-in web-based book editor – so in theory at any rate, you could write, edit, publish and read your masterpiece without once leaving the comfort of your iPad.