Microsoft trade-in program pays you $300 to ditch Mac


Microsoft is giving extra love to Mac owners.
Microsoft is giving extra love to Mac owners.
Photo: Microsoft

Looking to get a new computer this Fall? Microsoft thinks it has an unbeatable offer with its new Windows Tradeup program offers customers $200 to trade in an old PC and buy a new one at a Microsoft Store.

The deal is even sweeter if you got a Mac though, because Microsoft says it’s willing to toss you an extra $100 your way to get you to defect from  Apple.

Microsoft announced the trade-in program this week as way to incentivize shoppers to upgrade to a new PC and Windows 10, as long as they purchase a device costing $599 or more. The offer does not apply the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book though.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has tried to lure over Apple customers with cash. In 2013, Microsoft Stores offered customers a $200 gift card with the trade-in of an iPad. Last year Microsoft gave customers up to $650 in store credit for MacBook Air trade-ins as long as you purchased a Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft’s current trade-in incentive lasts until October 20th. If for some reason you want to journey for the paradisiacal waters of OS X into the fiery depth of Windows 10, you can get the full details on how to claim your $300 at Microsoft’s site.