Every time you whitelist Cult of Mac, a kitten is born


And you want more adorable kittens in the world, don't you?
And you want more adorable kittens in the world, don't you?
Photo: Ben Scherjon/Pixabay CC

Seriously, people, we have families to feed. Kittens to adopt. We need your ad impressions.

The new iOS content blockers, as well as traditional ad-blocking browser plugins, threaten the wallets of every ad-supported website, including Cult of Mac. Luckily, it’s easy to whitelist us (and any other sites you want to support). It’s incredibly easy to restore order to the online universe, whether you’re using an iPhone or a Mac.

What’s in it for you? If we can’t put ads for yogurt and underwear on your favorite Apple-centric website, how will we be able to afford that new iPhone 6s we reviewed, or the Apple Watch we bought to write up all the helpful how-to posts?

Or, you know, feed our pets.

Since you’re obviously kind and attuned to this totally first-world problem, you’ll want to help us by whitelisting Cult of Mac so we can get paid.

Here’s how.

Whitelisting in OS X

On your Mac, you’ve got several options and several web browsers. Two of the most popular ad-blocking apps for OS X are Ghostery and Adblock Plus. They’re both free and available for Safari and Chrome.

GhosteryGhostery is my personal favorite, thanks to its easy user interface and the way it shows a quick list of what’s being blocked on each site I visit.

Once it’s installed, whitelisting is a simple process — go to the Cult of Mac website (you’re here right now!) and click on the little ghost icon to the right of your URL bar in Safari or Chrome. Click on the Whitelist Site button and boom: You just helped us buy toothpaste and other essentials.

Whitelisting Cult of Mac (and any other site you love) is pretty straightforward with Adblock Plus as well. Install the extension on Safari or Chrome, then go to the website you want to whitelist (that’s us, right?). Click on the little stop sign icon to the right of the URL bar in your browser, then click on the “Enabled on this site” button. It will change to “Disabled on this site,” and now you’re helping the site owners get more vegan bacon for their teenagers. Here’s another kitten for your troubles.

This one is alive thanks to you.
This one is alive thanks to you.
Photo: Ozan Kilic/FlickrCC

Whitelisting in iOS 9

Whitelist us with Purify; the kittens beg you.
Whitelist us with Purify. The kittens beg you.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

There are a ton of content-blocking apps for iOS 9. Not all of them offer whitelisting, so ignore those and think of the kittens.

Two that do offer the ability to help fund my youngest son’s braces are Purify and Silentium. Both are great choices if you want to keep websites from offering up mobile ads or tracking your browsing. Of course, that’s not the case with Cult of Mac, so you’ll want to whitelist us (and get another cute kitty picture).

The detailed process is all here, but the short story is: Download a content blocker from the App Store, install it on your iPhone (or iPad), then give it the permissions it needs.

Once all that’s done, navigate to Cult of Mac on your iOS device and tap the Share button, then the More button. Both Purify and Silentium have a toggle there that lets you add the site you’re currently browsing to the whitelist. Toggle that sweet button to ON.

We all thank you for your kindness. Here’s a kitty.

One more kitten in the world, thanks to you.
One more kitten in the world, thanks to you.
Photo: Waldo Jacquith/FlickrCC
  • Nate1294

    The only thing I hate more than ads is the fact that blocking them could potentially run my favorite sites into the ground, you have been whitelisted.

  • Javier

    it happened to the record labels, now it’s happening to the websites. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.”

  • Wilco10815

    what happens if we use Feedly?

    • Since no ads get served on our stories in Feedly, we don’t get paid unless you click through to our site.

  • C0C0tva

    See how just being honest and sincere ( well, honest) gets a much more favorable reaction? Whitelisted.

  • Chris Owens

    True enough, but I just had a full-screen ad take over my computer and slow my entire system down. If the ads were better executed, maybe. You can make money off of me on my work computer because I can’t install ad blockers, but I see no reason to willingly put up with obtrusive, resource-hogging ads when I have the choice not to.

    • Chris Wood

      I totally agree. If the ads don’t keep reorganizing my iPhone screen as I scroll or they load then I don’t have a problem with them. I will stop visiting the site if the ads become intrusive. So ad blocker or not your not getting my traffic.

      Cult of Mac since the last website update has been horrid on iPhone. Which I would think would be most of the traffic.

      • Hi Chris and Chris — we are constantly working to make the ads better, but to some extent we are at the mercy of the ad networks upon which we rely. We are aware of some problems, especially with the mobile site, and working on fixing them. If you ever see an abusive ad, please let us know. Thanks!

      • Alex

        I see plenty of sites with unobtrusive ads. Follow best practices and use quality vendors. Otherwise, your kitten wont get fed. I love kittens but I’m not feeding your kitten if you wont do your part.

      • you are not a troll, as a corporation, “their only responsibility is to increase profit”.

        They hijack your screen, because its profitable.

        A whitelist introduction should only be asked for after publishing an ethical behaviour agreement,

    • advertisements try to hijack your computer, you simply defend.

      “You will only be allowed to navigate on if you click on this tiny x on the corner”.

      Ok, whatever. “installs Ublock”

  • Common Man

    I would be more inclinded to do so if your website’s ads weren’t so intrusive and annoying.

    • We are doing our best to make them user-friendly. The big takeover ones should not show up more than once per user per day (if that). We realize those can be a bit jarring, but they should always be easy to close. Please report them if they are not. Thanks for reading CoM.

      • Alex

        They aren’t. They never respond to me when I try to close them. By the way I’m not leaving so many comments to be a troll. I legitimately want this problem solved. I will whitelist once the ads change.

  • Chandler Monson

    Whitelisting ad-clicker here. Fair trade for an excellent site.

  • JacktheMac

    Absolutely loathe cats (they are just killing machines) but take your point. Whitelisted.

  • Undivided

    How you support this site is not my concern. If i am not getting updates from this site, it will be another. Read carefully…..I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ADS! No one does. Be innovative and find a better way to support your website.

    • Well, we are an advertising-supported website. We make some money off the Daily Deals (https://deals.cultofmac.com/) but we aren’t about to put up a firewall and force people pay to read our site. Would you pay for an ad-free version if we offered one?

      • Undivided

        Actually, yes I would. The whole point is that folks do NOT want to see ads. Having to pay a few dollars to bypass adds, while supporting our favorite sites puts the choice directly in your readers lap. I am now in control as to how I wish to browse your website with a pay to remove ads option.

    • Alex

      What would it take for you to support a site like this?

      • Undivided

        well, for one thing, stop all the bait and click headlines.
        Secondly allow me an option to pay to remove ads.

    • Russ D

      I do believe they also get some revenue from all the deals they show on the site and in the newsletter.

  • Daniel Hertlein

    Done, on mac and iPhone. CoM ads are so unobtrusive on the mac I had a moment of confusion where I didn’t think it worked. Also curious about feedly.

  • Boris Stefancic

    Thanks for the kittens… You have been whitelisted on all of my devices. :)

  • ronjon400

    I use feedly and Adblock.

  • kavok

    If it were just pure ads, I wouldn’t mind, but 18 trackers watching everywhere I go from your website? No thanks.

  • I’m not interested in viewing any ads. Let all the advertisers die. But I am happy to give you some money if you enable a way for me to do so.

    Create way to subscribe or just donate money.

  • Approximately how much money does one of us turning on I’m blocking cost you?
    Knowing this would give us a good baseline and how much to donate given that not everybody will.

    • Jeremy

      They seem to be ignoring your question. I’ve seen the same question posted on other sites as well, and nobody wants to spill the beans. How much are we talking about folks?!? Pennies per visit, nickels, dimes, dollars?

  • Alex

    This site is actually the one that put me over the edge into installing ads blockers. I never even used them on my Mac until about a month ago. Your ads literally blocked all the content so bad I couldn’t use the site at all on Mac or iOS. If you go out of business because of ad blockers, you dug your own grave for it.

  • Eoin

    Whitelisted – just be aware and careful of the ads you allow. Obtrusive ads will make me want to reconsider, unfortunately. Balance in everything makes everyone happy :)

  • but, there is an overpopulation of cats

    so really I think what you’re saying is to please put you out of business? :O

  • Murgilal

    Kitten birth is excruciatingly painful. Google if you don’t believe me.

  • Paul

    I would love to support your website. I like the content. But I really hope ad based financing can go to hell and die. It annoys the hell out of me and I probably unwillingly pay much more for this through higher data costs and TIME to filter wanted content from unwanted annoying crap than you earn from that sh*t (leave alone the privacy – you run DOZENS of ad-trackers on your site!)

    I would be more than willing to pay some dime to see quality content. Just give me the option. Organize yourselves. If there is a place where I can pay – say 10$/month – and then can browse beautiful ad-free sites and read news without privacy intrusion – I am totally in. But please don’t put an extra paywall on every site.

    I understand your concerns but right now it is like “if you want to visit our park for free you have to let those people hit you in the face – they pay for your visit”

    • Jeremy

      LOL, excellent analogy!

  • i am really sorry. upon updating, I wanted not to install any blocker and even click on the ads.
    but constant website spam pop up makes navigation impossible.

    it’s not personal, it was on another website. Now do I have got to whitelist every single website? that’s a huge time liability.

    am sorry the advertisement industry thinks they can hijack our computers.

  • lee scott

    OK, I love cats, permission granted… MEOW!

  • Russ D

    entitled much?
    Maybe if so many websites weren’t overrun with Taboola ads and javascript laden banners that crash the browser I’d give a damn.
    I’ve already whitelisted you guys. But I am sick to death of these begs from various sites to ‘turn off your adblocker’. Hulu even has the nerve to throw up a message about it on my computer that doesnt HAVE a blocker.
    The way ads have crept into every facet of the web makes me think that maybe we shouldnt have taken that fork in the road back in the early 90’s which allowed commercial access to the internet.

  • ParaLaUAZ!

    Done. Thanks for asking / reminding.

  • Oh Snap

    I have Whitelisted this site… BUT I am still running Blur so I am not tracked. There are 11 trackers trying to get at me right now. By not being tracked, the ads can’t get to me because they have no data on where I have been… So for the most part CoM is mostly ad free for me…