How to whitelist Cult of Mac in iOS and OS X

Every time you whitelist Cult of Mac, a kitten is born


And you want more adorable kittens in the world, don't you?
And you want more adorable kittens in the world, don't you?
Photo: Ben Scherjon/Pixabay CC

Seriously, people, we have families to feed. Kittens to adopt. We need your ad impressions.

The new iOS content blockers, as well as traditional ad-blocking browser plugins, threaten the wallets of every ad-supported website, including Cult of Mac. Luckily, it’s easy to whitelist us (and any other sites you want to support). It’s incredibly easy to restore order to the online universe, whether you’re using an iPhone or a Mac.

What’s in it for you? If we can’t put ads for yogurt and underwear on your favorite Apple-centric website, how will we be able to afford that new iPhone 6s we reviewed, or the Apple Watch we bought to write up all the helpful how-to posts?

Or, you know, feed our pets.

Since you’re obviously kind and attuned to this totally first-world problem, you’ll want to help us by whitelisting Cult of Mac so we can get paid.

Here’s how.

Whitelisting in OS X

On your Mac, you’ve got several options and several web browsers. Two of the most popular ad-blocking apps for OS X are Ghostery and Adblock Plus. They’re both free and available for Safari and Chrome.

GhosteryGhostery is my personal favorite, thanks to its easy user interface and the way it shows a quick list of what’s being blocked on each site I visit.

Once it’s installed, whitelisting is a simple process — go to the Cult of Mac website (you’re here right now!) and click on the little ghost icon to the right of your URL bar in Safari or Chrome. Click on the Whitelist Site button and boom: You just helped us buy toothpaste and other essentials.

Whitelisting Cult of Mac (and any other site you love) is pretty straightforward with Adblock Plus as well. Install the extension on Safari or Chrome, then go to the website you want to whitelist (that’s us, right?). Click on the little stop sign icon to the right of the URL bar in your browser, then click on the “Enabled on this site” button. It will change to “Disabled on this site,” and now you’re helping the site owners get more vegan bacon for their teenagers. Here’s another kitten for your troubles.

This one is alive thanks to you.
This one is alive thanks to you.
Photo: Ozan Kilic/FlickrCC

Whitelisting in iOS 9

Whitelist us with Purify; the kittens beg you.
Whitelist us with Purify. The kittens beg you.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

There are a ton of content-blocking apps for iOS 9. Not all of them offer whitelisting, so ignore those and think of the kittens.

Two that do offer the ability to help fund my youngest son’s braces are Purify and Silentium. Both are great choices if you want to keep websites from offering up mobile ads or tracking your browsing. Of course, that’s not the case with Cult of Mac, so you’ll want to whitelist us (and get another cute kitty picture).

The detailed process is all here, but the short story is: Download a content blocker from the App Store, install it on your iPhone (or iPad), then give it the permissions it needs.

Once all that’s done, navigate to Cult of Mac on your iOS device and tap the Share button, then the More button. Both Purify and Silentium have a toggle there that lets you add the site you’re currently browsing to the whitelist. Toggle that sweet button to ON.

We all thank you for your kindness. Here’s a kitty.

One more kitten in the world, thanks to you.
One more kitten in the world, thanks to you.
Photo: Waldo Jacquith/FlickrCC