Become a Python coding pro with this 6-course bundle [Deals]


This bundle of six courses will provide a complete foundation and advanced command of Python, one of the most widely-used coding languages.
This bundle of six courses will provide a complete foundation and advanced command of Python, one of the most widely-used coding languages.
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Python is one of the most widely used programming languages out there, a clear but powerful and perfect for projects big and small. It’s a perfect addition to anyone’s resume, but like any new language it takes practice and guidance to master. This bundle of 6 lessons is like a full-immersion language course for Python, covering everything from general web development to data analysis to games, a wealth of skills and knowledge that can be yours for $29, more than 80% off the normal price.

Data Analysis With Python and Pandas
This course will teach you to use Python’s for building and managing data libraries, manipulating data frames, and generally dissecting huge datasets.

  • Dissect and analyze data using the Pandas and NumPy libraries
  • Manipulate raw data by indexing, visualizing and more
  • Perform statistical functions: measure correlation, calculate means and sums, etc.
  • Work with databases to manage large quantities of information
  • 51 lectures and 6 hours of content

Learn Python Django From Scratch
Django is a Python framework for creating robust web applications to power complex, intensely database-driven sites.

  • Learn the ins and outs of Django by building a site from scratch
  • Create a site user authentication system, test and debug your site
  • Monetize a site by adding a shopping cart, integrating services PayPal, and more
  • Upload files, work with forms and automate email delivery
  • Add geolocation features and map integration

Python Web Programming
Here you’ll get the broad and deep knowledge of Python’s web development powers, starting with an overview of basic concepts and moving to more advanced principles like programming web servers and managing datasets with MySQL.

  • Use SQLite to create, populate and manipulate databases
  • Learn to conduct data requests over the web with the urllib module
  • Use HTML to build your web page’s structure: its body, navigation bar, and more
  • Program web servers to create a VPS, manage files with FileZilla, and more
  • Use the Flask framework to quickly create quality code

Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib
Master the plotting library Matplotlib, which allows you to transform raw data into graphs visualized any way you please: pie charts, bar charts, 3D lines and scatterplots, live updating graphs, and lots more.

  • Use charts to make large datasets into bar charts, histograms, 3D graphs, etc.
  • Learn to load raw data into Matplotlib
  • Customize data visuals by changing labels, adding grids, text and annotations
  • Use the Basemap tool to plot geographic data
  • Create live graphs that update when their source files do

Python Programming for Beginners
This back-to-basics course is great as a starting point or refresher, going over Python fundamentals like crafting simple lines of code, using variables and statements, and setting up and using dictionaries.

  • Review the building blocks of Python code: variables, loops, and statements
  • Learn to find and fix common programming errors
  • Work with files and classes to manage your code, import syntax and create modules
  • Use lists to index and slice data, perform math functions, etc.
  • Create a real-world Python program from scratch over 26 lectures and 3.5 hours of content

Python Game Development
Building a game is a great way to test your command of Python, and this course will do just by having you build a working clone of the viral hit mobile game Flappy Bird.

  • Learn to create input controls, boundaries, crash events and menus
  • Use polygons to build obstacles, add graphics and customize their display
  • Configure the logic and structure of your game
  • Set up a score display and add levels to your game
  • Consolidate skills you can use to build games for any platform or OS

Get a tail-to-nose education on Python for just $29 at Cult of Mac Deals.