Facebook devs port Doom to Apple Watch and Apple TV


With watchOS 2, the Apple Watch can run Doom.
With watchOS 2, the Apple Watch can run Doom.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

From a gamer’s point of view, if not a developer’s, the ultimate metric of a new device is its TTD, or Time To Doom. Ever since the source code to the classic first-person shooter was released over a decade ago, it has been used as the standard measurement of a new device’s capabilities.

Now, Doom has been ported to the new Apple TV and watchOS 2.

Over the years, Doom has been ported to pretty much everything, from old Texas Instruments calculators to fake arcade machines within Doom itself.

As part of a 10-hour hackathon, Facebook developers Lior Tubi and Mehdi Mulani got Doom working on Apple’s latest gadgets. That puts the Apple Watch’s TTD at about five months, and the Apple TV’s TTD at negative two weeks. Not bad.

As you might expect, Doom doesn’t exactly run smoothly on the Apple Watch’s underpowered processor, but the Apple TV version runs pretty well.

Not too shabby. I can take or leave Doom on my Apple Watch, but I’ve played Doom on pretty much everything over the years. Here’s hoping we’ll see a Doom port on the new Apple TV soon after release.

Source: VentureBeat