Petite stomp boxes pack serious sonic punch


Stomp your way to glorious sound.
Stomp your way to glorious sound.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: Bullseye guitar effects pedals by GMF

These tiny guitar effects pedals from GMF Music will fit on any pedalboard or stage setup thanks to their unique, top-loading design. Sure, they’re small, but boy do they pack a powerful punch.

All four Bullseye pedals feature a fully shielded steel case (to minimize that hum you’ll hear at most live shows) crammed with some serious circuitry that makes it super-easy to dial in the perfect guitar sound.

GMF’s yellow Bullseye DS-1 distortion pedal has analog knobs for tone, gain and effect level, letting you create a screaming lead or a chunky rhythm track with ease. The blue CH-1 chorus pedal is full of shimmery goodness, with dials to choose the speed, depth and level of the effect, while the green DL-1 delay pedal lets you adjust the time of delay, the mix of the effect and the rate at which the echoes decay. The RV-1 reverb pedal lets you adjust the decay as well as the intensity of the effect, letting you create subtle shadings of sound or concert-hall reverberations all with the twist of a knob.

You can power these delightful little bonbons of sound with a 9-volt battery or a standard pedalboard power cable that will disconnect your battery to keep it working long into the night. The tone is delicious, and whenever you stomp the big button to turn off an effect, your regular guitar sound comes through clean and clear; you’ll find no weird coloring like you get with less-capable pedals.

Coming this fall, these GMF Bullseye guitar pedals are all you need to lay down some sweet guitar tracks live or in the studio. List prices are below, but you can get a deal on Kickstarter now.

Prices: CH-1 Chorus: $139; DL-1 Delay: $119; RV-1 Reverb: $269; DS-1 Distortion: $119

Preorder at: Kickstarter

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