iPhone 6s enters ultimate stress test against UFC fighter


Luke Rockhold is clearly an Android user. Poor guy.

We can all remember the first time an errant roundhouse kick shattered our brand new iPhone. But how well does Apple’s cutting-edge iPhone 6s fare when put through the wringer by real-life UFC middleweight fighter Luke Rockhold?

The result of that wacky premise is one of the stranger iPhone stress-test videos I’ve seen this year — subjecting Apple’s new handset to both an impact and bend test like no other.

When people talk about the iPhone’s battery capacity, I’m pretty sure they don’t have this in mind!

To be fair, the SquareTrade Labs video does serve one useful purpose beyond the strange thrill of seeing a tough man in his underwear beating up an expensive piece of technology.

After the iPhone 6 Plus was famously bent in a popular YouTube video, Apple went back to the drawing board with the iPhone 6s — reinforcing it with extra-strong 7000 series aluminum and added supports. We’ve seen a few stress-tests so far with people trying to bend the ultra-tough handset, but Luke’s struggle to do so really does suggest that mere mortals like you and I are unlikely to suffer any repeat bendgate problems this year.

Unless we take the iPhone in the Octagon, that is.