Nervous about online spies and thieves? Protect your connection with top-rated Private Internet Access VPN [Deals]



The more we learn about the extent of spying and theft that happens on the Internet, the more it seems like we should revert back to communicate with two cans and a string. A better alternative is just to protect your connection to the Internet, which is what Private Internet Access VPN does. And right now you can get a 2-year subscription for $59.95 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Private Internet Access’s virtual private network (VPN) connects your computer or phone to the web with one click to a direct, protected VPN tunnel of your choosing. Your online activity is protected by high-level encryption and IP cloaking, preventing data mining and allowing for anonymously and with your location masked (this is especially handy with region-specific services like Netflix or Hulu. Server-grade filtering software prevents unwanted connections, and the whole thing extends to as many as 5 devices simultaneously at unlimited bandwidth.

Give yourself online piece of mind with a secure connection to the Internet for just $59.95.