Sketchy rumor claims iPhone 8 could rock curved OLED display

Sketchy rumor claims iPhone 8 could rock curved OLED display


Future iPhones could rock curved displays. Maybe.

According to a rumor that’s sketchier than a rapid drawing done with an Apple Pencil, Apple is “serious” about equipping its 2018-era iPhones with OLED-based curved screens.

The South Korean news reports suggests that major Korean display-makers are currently showing off the cutting-edge displays to execs at Apple, and has found Apple to be enthusiastic about the prospect.

At the moment, Apple uses flexible OLEDs for the Apple Watch, with LG Display and Samsung Samsung Display supplying the necessary panels.

LG Display is reportedly planning to turn one of its LCD factory lines in Gumi into one capable of mass-producing OLED displays from 2017. From there, “It is very likely that the first flexible iPhone may be introduced in 2018,” says a supposed source.

There are already multiple companies who make curved OLED smartphones, including Samsung’s Galaxy Round, Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy S6 Edge, as well as the LG G Flex 2. Given that the iPhone already outsells all these devices it’s not clear whether Cupertino would follow them down the curved/flexible display path, although it’s an interesting idea.

Still, even if Apple does debut an OLED iPhone with a flexible screen in 2018, we’ve still got a long time before the arrival of the iPhone 8 to see if this rumor develops. Although Apple’s no doubt entertaining a lot of possibilities for its 2018-era iPhones, I highly doubt whether the company has officially committed to anything just yet.

Apple’s got plenty of patents for a bezel-less curved iPhone, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from following Apple patents, it’s that not all of them turn into anything.

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Source: Business Korea