Apple’s keynote is even more magical as a musical

Apple’s iPhone 6s keynote is even more magical as a musical


Tim cook
Just when you thought Apple's keynote couldn't get any more memorable.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s keynotes typically give you plenty worth singing about, and for “Song-A-Day” YouTuber Jonathan Mann, that’s reason enough to bust out new tunes.

Mann, whose catchy jingles once made Steve Jobs dance, always puts together a musical remix following Apple events, and this week’s jam-packed keynote is no exception.

If you don’t have time to sit through the entire 2-hour-plus event, or simply want to relive the most memorable lines with a catchy electronic backing, this is the video for you. Check it out below:

Mann is a long-time Apple fan whose previous work has included everything from a great Antennagate song and a duet with Siri to this superb WWDC tribute from 2014.

Someone needs to get this song up on Apple Music, stat!

Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed rundown of everything Apple unveiled at Wednesday’s event — including new iPhones, an iPad Pro and a fantastic new Apple TV — check out our coverage here.