21-inch iMac with spectacular 4K display is coming this year


The new iMac should match the pixel density of its 5K big brother.
Photo: Apple

Apple reportedly kicked off production of its new 21-inch 4K iMac earlier this month, according to a new report — with the new desktop computers said to be arriving in stores sometime in the fourth quarter.

It is claimed that the new iMac will boast a pixel density the same as Apple’s larger 27-inch 5K iMac, which began shipping almost a year ago. If Apple follows a similar release pattern with its 21-inch iMac, we could well see the new computer officially launch in October.

The supply chain sources claim that, display excepting, the new 21-inch iMac won’t offer any major external redesigns, although it will include boosted hardware specifications.

Sensing a hit, Apple has reportedly ordered 1.4-1.5 million units of the 21-inch iMac. While that’s a tiny fraction of the orders of a device like the iPhone, it would still be enough to push Apple’s all-in-one PC shipments for the second half of 2015 past Lenovo, which was the no. 1 PC vendor by number of units shipped last year.

Cupertino’s confidence comes on the back of repeated quarters in which Mac sales continued to rise, even as PC shipments from other companies slowed. Recently there’s a new reason to be optimistic as strong demand from “Internet cafes and industrial applications” in China has spurred growth across the board.

Source: Digitimes

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  • Readen Reply

    I feel like Goldie locks, 21 inches is too small, 27 is too big, but 24″ would be just right. One day maybe.

  • Eugene Montalvo

    Now, if only they brought back the “Add your own RAM” option, i’d be online waiting to upgrade, the current 21″ iMac biggest failure is non-upgradable RAM.