Soon you might be able to afford a gold Apple Watch


Rich single men must choose their watch carefully.
Rich single men must choose their watch carefully.
Photo: Apple

Wearing a gold Apple Watch might get a lot cheaper really soon, according to a new report that claims Apple is looking to create a less expensive gold version of its famous timepiece.

The current Apple Watch Edition currently costs between $10,000 – $17,000 but ‘people close to the product’ have told the New York Times that Apple is exploring new metal finishes for the Apple Watch, and they may even be ready in time to debut at next week’s iPhone 6s event.

Apple Watch owners have already come up with a number of ways to get a golden Apple Watch without dropping 10 grand on a piece of jewelry. Artist Casey Neistat showed us how to carefully spray paint an Apple Watch Sport gold, while others have gone with more refined methods to gold-plate the regular Apple Watch.

New Apple Watch bands are expected to make an appearance at the iPhone 6s event on September 9th, but this is the first we’ve heard that Apple may introduce new Apple Watch models as well. Previous reports have claimed Apple has also looked into creating Apple Watch models out of titanium, palladium, and other precious metals.

Along with the cheap gold Apple Watch, the NYT report says Apple is putting the finishing touches on a revamped iPad keyboard that may be available by the end of the year. The long-rumored iPad Pro is expected to make an appearance at the event next day as well, but like the cheap gold Apple Watch, it likely won’t be available until later this year.