Score some weed and say ‘high’ with smokin’-hot marijuana apps


This is a totally legal grow, ok?
This is a totally legal grow, ok?
Photo: Brett Levin/Flickr CC

Looking for the closest legal medical marijuana dispensary? How about a like-minded 420-friendly soulmate to share your life (and stash) with?

A new batch of pot-centric apps are now available that let you join in on the high times from the comfort of your own smartphone.

Weed apps have had an uphill battle on the App Store, as Apple tends to have a much more controlling presence in which apps get approved (see Android game BudTrimmer for an example of what you won’t see in Apple’s storefront).

Apple has approved some apps, then later denied access to the digital storefront, while others seem to have long waiting times for Cupertino’s eventual, grudging approval.

Like Waze for the 420 set.
Like Waze for the 420 set.
Photo: MassRoots

MassRoots, a dispensary-finding app with location-based features, was pulled from the App Store when Apple realized that it had information on finding Mary Jane in states where said finding was still illegal. After the developer restricted the information to only the 23 states where marijuana is legal for adults and medical users, Apple finally allowed it back in the store. The app has been available on Google Play from the start.

Weedmaps is a similar pot-finding app that claims to be in existence since 2007. It’s also available on iTunes and Google Play. It’s distinction is as a knowledge base on medical uses of marijuana as well as info on the legalization movement, weed-themed activism, and connecting with other like-minded cannabis consumers.

“As a result of our long, established relationships we also have the most menus and reviews to help you make the best decision,” says the app’s description on the App Store.

BlazeNow is another competitor in this new space, though it seems to be trying to position itself for both consumers of the kush as well as business owners who need to navigate the thorny, circuitous path to legality in various states. Its own mobile app is “coming soon,” too.

Yet another entrant hoping to cash in on the loosening of society’s conflicted stance on marijuana, HowHigh adds a Foursquare-like component that lets users check in to local dispensaries and track their own usage, a handy way to see what strains you’re buying and how they make you feel. They’ve gamified the process with badges, merchandise and leaderboards to see who uses the most weed.

“We are so excited to be launching HowHigh today,” says developer Ryan Hunt in a statement. “With marijuana consumption becoming legal and more mainstream there was still a lack of technology and community to allow people to have fun and show just how much they enjoy and partake in marijuana. HowHigh also serves as a resource for people to learn about which dispensaries are carrying which strains and who and how people are consuming.”

I think these members may have forgotten to plug in their phones.
I think these members may have forgotten to plug in their phones.
Photo: HighThere

Bud isn’t the only thing you can use a smartphone app for, either, as proven by HighThere, a social network for the green-inclined.

HighThere markets itself as “the global social network for marijuana enthusiasts,” that looks a lot like a Tinder for users of the wacky tobaccy. It’s available on both iOS and Android, letting users create profiles, swipe left or right to connect with other local fans of the chronic, and show off their level of consumption. And, in case you’re looking for a hot new investment opportunities, the developers of HighThere are happy to take your application to invest in their app.

As we see more states legalizing some form of marijuana consumption for adults, whether as laws regulating medical or personal use laws, we’ll definitely see more weed-apps in the near future. Here’s hoping the high times don’t stop if the laws of the land suddenly get repealed.