Pay what you want for these top-notch design assets and templates [Deals]


A pay-what-you-want bundle full of tools and resources for easily upgrading your UI and UX game
A pay-what-you-want bundle full of tools and resources for easily upgrading your UI and UX game
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re trying to attract viewers, readers, or users, you’d better present a user experience that looks and feels great. We’ve found a bundle of tools and resources that can bring you closer to the user experience you want, for whatever you’re willing to pay. From graphics and textures to image masking software and website templates, give your projects an upgrade with this pay-what-you-want bundle at Cult of Mac Deals.  

Here’s what it comes with:

GraphicSoulz Design Resources

This package comes with unlimited access to more than 200 graphics, wireframe mockups, vector textures, and more. Worth $2,400, these assets are a surefire way to give your projects a professional polish.

Bek Temirbay: 8 Premium Templates

A set of 8 web design templates to get any project set up and looking great fast. From magazines to product websites, the sleek, UI-optimized, responsive templates are compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Fluid Mask 3 for Mac

This software makes it possible to mask an image or make parts of an image layer invisible, leaving the masked parts untouched while editing or designing. The masks can be quickly and generally applied, or with extreme precision via color-based and localized blending tools used by the pros.

Themelantic Tumblr and WordPress Themes

Getting the look and feel of your Tumblr or WordPress accounts up to snuff with the big names is just a matter of dropping in one of these gorgeous themes. It’s a great way to save money, time, and effort on your pages’ look and layout, and start focusing on the great content you want to put out.

In addition to all that, part of every dollar goes toward the work of Creative Commons. So there’s no reason not to get in on this pay-what-you-want bundle.