Double the apps in your iOS dock with Doubler


Want double the dock icons? Install Docker.
Want double the dock icons? Install Docker.
Photo: Modmyi

Let’s face it: the dock gets crowded. Even on the iPad, the short row of icons Apple gives us at the bottom of our iOS homepage is always too little.

You can fill your dock with folders if you want to cram more apps there… or you can download this neat little jailbreak tweak, which doubles the amount of icons you can put in your dock.

A new jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Phillip Tennen and Evan Luther, Docker allows you to double the number of apps you have in your dock.

But here’s where it gets clever: instead of trying to cram eight different icons into a single row of space, or cutting down on the rest of your homescreen’s app room, Docker allows you to swipe up on a normally sized dock to expand it to twice the height, revealing another row of apps as you go.

Modmyi explains the instruction process:

The first time you download the tweak and install it, you will be able to swipe up on the dock and the tweak will have four “+” buttons that you can tap on to add applications from your Home Screen. You can pick any four that you want. You can also enter “jiggle” mode while you have selected applications and you can tap on the “x” buttons to remove them from the additional dock slots…

The tweak has a few minor issues right now, including the fact that the iPhone status bar gets all wonky when you swipe up. But otherwise, it’s a sleek little tweak. If you’re interested in Docker, it costs $1.99 on the Cydia BigBoss repo, and it will work on a jailbroken iOS 7 device or higher.

Source: Modmyi