ResearchKit apps are now available outside the U.S.


ResearchKit is expanding beyond the U.S.
ResearchKit is expanding beyond the U.S.
Photo: Apple

ResearchKit has already helped scientist make some breakthroughs in the study of diseases like Parkinsons, but the apps powered by Apple’s open-source health software haven’t been made available internationally. Starting today, iOS users in the U.K. and Hong Kong can get in on the ResearchKit action too, thanks to the MyHearth Counts app, which was just made available to to people outside of the U.S. for the first time.

MyHeart Counts was developed by researchers at Stanford University and is used to collect data on physical activity and cardiac risk factors for a heart disease study run by the university. It’s the first ResearchKit app to be released internationally, but it’s been available in the U.S. since March.

The international release of MyHeart Counts is part of the university’s goal to make it the largest study ever of measured physical activity and cardiovascular health. The app already has enrolled over 41,000 participants, but will hopefully expand massively now that it’s available in multiple countries.

MyHeart Counts also got an update today that allows users to get more feedback about behaviors. The update is supposed to encourage participants to eat better, and exercise more. It should also give you a better idea of your health based on averages of other user’s fitness data.

Via: The Verge