Ive got style: Sir Jony among world's best-dressed men

Ive got style: Sir Jony among world’s best-dressed men


Jony Ive at Walton High School. Photo:
Jony Ive has come a long way since his awkward teenage years.
Photo: Nick Wilkinson

With international acclaim, plenty of celebrity admirers, and a new, improved job title, Jony Ive has certainly got plenty going in his favor here in 2015.

Now Vanity Fair has added one more: naming Apple’s premier design genius one of its international best-dressed men of the year.

No doubt down to his choice of smartwatch, surely.

Ive comes in fifth place on the list — after actor Bill Nighy, financier Stavros Niarchos III, artist Iké Udé, and costume designer William Ivey Long.

Ive is depicted wearing the morning suit he sported while receiving his knighthood at Westminster in London. It’s made by Thomas Mahon of English Cut, a tailor best known for outfitting David Beckham and members of England’s Royal Family. (If you’re interested, according to English Cut’s price page, a basic two-piece suit will set you back $4,000+.)

Sadly, Ive declined to answer the accompanying Vanity Fair survey, so we have no way of knowing his “favorite fashion purchase of 2015” or his “style icon.”

Somewhere, a very envious Samsung designer is furiously emailing the Vanity Fair decision-makers…

Source: Vanity Fair