Force Touch makes early appearance on iPhone in new concept video


Force Touch
Here's what Force Touch may look like on the iPhone 6s.
Photo: Maximilian Kiener

A new video mockup shows how Force Touch might work on the iPhone 6s, the less-expensive Apple smartphone expected to hit shelves next month.

Given that we’ve already seen how Force Touch is implemented on the Apple Watch and MacBook, this neat conceptual video shows some of the many ways we may use the technology in new iPhones.

Created by Cult of Mac reader Maximilian Kiener, the video shows how the iPhone’s Control Center could be modified so a light tap would toggle features like Airplane Mode and Wi-Fi, while a sustained hard tap brings up the Settings menu.

Check it out below:

“I created the prototype like most of my other prototypes in JavaScript, HTML and CSS,” Kiener says. “I then just open it in Safari and save it to the home screen. Then I can let it run in fullscreen.”

KGI Securities’ Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously claimed Force Touch on the iPhone 6s will be a bit different from the implementations users have currently seen. Instead of detecting pressure from users’ fingers, it will monitor “the contact area on which the finger touches the screen to decide how big the pressure is.”

Are you excited about the possibility of Force Touch on the iPhone 6s? Leave your comments below.

  • David Kaplan 

    That would be fantastic because getting to the BT settings menu by force touching bluetooth would be amazing

    • doesn’t touch and hold work?

      • David Kaplan 

        not to toggle between bluetooth devices I have so many devices in BT settings that an on/off switch is borderline useless.

  • touch and hold …
    on mac force touch is just the same as 3 finger tap, except for a few instances. (quicktime fast forward)

  • JohnyMyko

    That’s a dumb use for force touch. Tap and hold would be enough for that.

    • Kostner Guyton

      The time between tap and hold and a “force touch” may be short, but could improve user experiences

    • David Kaplan 

      not dumb at all I have so many devices on BT that would be a nice addition to be able to toggle and have more than an on/off switch.

  • ASR

    Dumb! It’s not a force touch use case, it’s a long press use case.

    • but its the same…

    • NonlogicalDev

      I would argue that it is not dumb. Interfaces are already cluttered with 2D gestures, double taps triple taps swipes and all. I think adding that third dimension is quite refreshing, this way you will just about never trigger those actions when you don’t mean to. Like imagine tapping the switch and hesitating for a second, and boom you opened Bluetooth settings and now you have to get back. Its a minor irritation but trust me it really does matter. Overall I just think force touch is a neat paradigm that can help to declutter the UX, I wish it was more widely available.

  • ChrisBKLYN

    “A new video mockup shows how Force Touch might work on the iPhone 6s, the less-expensive Apple smartphone expected to hit shelves next month.”

    How will the iPhone 6s be a “less-expensive” smartphone?