Fully assembled iPhone 6s display could prove Force Touch is incoming


The fully assembled iPhone 6s display, in all its glory.
The fully assembled iPhone 6s display, in all its glory.
Photo: GeekBar

GeekBar – a generally reliable Chinese site behind a series of schematic and parts leaks about upcoming Apple releases – has published new images of what they claim is a fully-assembled display for the iPhone 6s.

The three photos show the front and back views of a display unit which they claims will go into the next-gen iPhone 6s handset. This follows the leak of a purported iPhone 6s rear shell and an iPhone 6s front panel.

All of these shots have essentially proven something that every observer of Apple’s iPhone tick-tock strategy should already know: the iPhone 6s will have a virtually identical design to the iPhone 6, with the exception of small changes and updated specs.

There is, however, one seeming change in the iPhone 6s display posted by Geekbar. As AppleInsider notes, the 6s display shows major changes to the shielding used in the iPhone 6 display, which could confirm rumors that the iPhone 6s will adopt the Apple Watch’s ForceTouch technology.

You can check out the pictures on GeekBar here.