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iPhone 6 Plus still works after months at bottom of ocean


Water way to test your iPhone!
Your iPhone doesn't usually feel like a dip. Possibly never, in fact.
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If you’re taking your iPhone 6 Plus on vacation with you, and you anticipate being near a large body of water like, say, the Pacific Ocean, it’s a good idea to take precautions. One kayaker’s ounce of prevention worked out for the best when his iPhone ended up at the bottom of the damned sea.

Months later, a scuba diver found the phone and returned it, and they could do that because both the waterproof bag the owner had bought and the phone inside of it were still working perfectly.

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“Sadly, I fell into the water, and I was panicking because I thought I was going to die even though I had my life vest on,” the phone’s owner says in his photo story on Imgur. “I eventually made it back onto the boat then I fell again. And this is where I lost my iPhone without even realizing it….I pulled myself back onto my boat, and I heard something snap but thought it was my life vest. ”

While the bag, which the owner identifies as a model by Kobert, performed its phone-protecting duties with aplomb, it really fell down on the cord-not-snapping job.

The iPhone’s owner optimistically put his handset into Lost Mode and then got a replacement. On May 8, 54 days after the original incident, he received a notification that someone had turned on his phone.

“The person who had found my phone, the couple went out to Monterey bay for kayaking and scuba diving,” the owner continues. “They found the phone in the bottom of the ocean near a rock, still in the pouch. I was baffled.”

We’re used to hearing miraculous stories of hardware surviving stuff that it shouldn’t have. Remember the GoPro that survived a 12,000-foot tumble out of a plane? Or the iPhone 5 that fell into the water and emerged intact? Say what you will about cases messing up the form and hiding the elegant design of your phone, but this is exactly what they’re made for.

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