Great new iOS puzzle game is steampunk Flappy Bird with a twist


This year's most enjoyable iOS puzzler?
Photo: iFun4all

Anyone who enjoyed last year’s smash hit Flappy Bird should take a minute to check out the excellently (if ironically) titled new iOS puzzler, Red Game Without a Great Name.

Putting you in control of a mechanical bird maneuvering its way through 60 levels of steampunk-inspired obstacles, the game takes a page from the Flappy Bird playbook, but tacks on the challenging addition of swipe-based teleportation for a genuinely original proposition.

Trust me, it’s a lot of fun!

If you’re looking for a game to keep you entertained over the coming weeks, Red Game Without a Great Name will certainly qualify. Its combination of fun-yet-challenging gameplay dynamics, deadly traps, and assorted power-ups gives it an inarguable position on this year’s most fun iOS game lists.

Best of all, it costs $2.99 with no sign of an in-app purchase anywhere. Download Red Game Without a Great Name from the App Store now.

Source: App Advice