Migrating from Rdio or Spotify to Apple Music now takes just one click


Moving to Apple Music is just a click away.
Moving to Apple Music is just a click away.
Photo: Move To Apple

Maybe you’re like me, and you’re interested in trying Apple Music. Maybe, though, you feel locked in to Rdio or Spotify, because over the years you’ve set up an extensive library of favorites and playlists. Favorites and playlists you count on.

Well, good news! Migrating your whole life to Apple Music is just $4.99 away.

New app Move to Apple Music will help you migrate all your music and playlists from Spotify or Rdio to Apple’s new service — with just a single click.

“Beyond importing your songs we also give you the playlists to import into iTunes,” the Move to Apple Music site says. “We don’t block your computer while transferring your songs, feel free to use it.”

It seems to work. While I have yet to try it myself, the Move To Apple website claims to have migrated 122,322 songs to Apple Music so far. Depending on how big your Rdio or Spotify playlist is, maybe you can help nudge that number up!

Source: Move to Apple Music

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