iPad Survey: 4.6 Percent ‘Extremely Interested’; 16.4 Percent ‘Somewhat Interested’



A new survey shines more light on just who is buying Apple’s iPad. The survey, by Morgan Stanley, found 4.6 percent of Americans asked said they were “extremely interested” in buying an iPad, with 16.4 percent “somewhat interested” in the tablet device.

The survey of 2,500 U.S. consumers indicates 4-5 million iPads could sell in the U.S. over the first year, or 7-9 million globally, analyst Katy Huberty told investors Wednesday.

The “halo” effect, which has worked to increase sales of other Apple products (such as iPhone owners also buying iPods) appears to be firing on all cylinders for the iPad. If you own a Mac computer, an iPod or an iPhone, you are almost five times as likely to buy an iPad (20 percent) compared to 4.6 percent for the overall survey population.

The iPad seems to particularly attract owners of smartphones and e-readers, according to Huberty. The finding echoes previous surveys of iPad owners, suggesting the new Apple device could be a Kindle ‘killer.’ Piper Jaffray’s own user survey found 58 percent of Kindle owners said they would drop the Amazon e-reader after purchasing the iPad.

The Morgan Stanley survey also revealed interesting demographic data on just who is buying the iPad. A quick sketch: young, rich and male. Although iPhone owners tend to be evenly divided between men and women, those persons expressing extreme interest in the tablet device “skews toward males,” Huberty said.

Highest demand for the iPad comes from the 25-34 age group, comprising 29 percent. However, those 34-44-years old are right behind at 27 percent. Apple shouldn’t count out older consumers, according to the survey. Some 22 percent of consumers survey that expressed interest in the iPad were 45-54, with 55 and older making up 17 percent of those considering an iPad.

As for income, the iPad profile is similar to that of iPhone buyers: “Almost half (47 percent) of iPad users will have annual incomes $90K+,” Huberty writes.

Nine in 10 iPad users surveyed said e-mail and Web browsing will be the most common tasks for the tablet. Additionally, 67 percent of those surveyed pointed to multimedia, while 60 percent said print media (reading?) and 57 percent plan to use the iPad for gaming.

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