Steve Jobs Emails Again: OS X Is Not On Backburner


Steve Jobs’ busy fingers might be needing a rest right now. He has just responded to concerns that Mac OS X in on the backburner to the iPhone OS, which will get a major 4.0 upgrade later this year.
Mac fans were worried about the fate of OS X after Daring Fireball’s John Gruber said there will likely be no OS X 10.7  update at WWDC this summer. Wrote Gruber:
“It’s my educated guess that there will be no 10.7 news at WWDC this year, and probably none until WWDC 2011.  Apple’s company-wide focus has since been focused intensely on one thing: iPhone OS 4.1 The number one priority at Apple is to grow mobile market share faster than Android. Anything that is not directly competitive with Android is on the back burner.”
Worried that Apple is neglecting the Mac, a reader of 9to5Mac sent Jobs the following email:
I was wondering, is it true that the iPhone 4 is cutting into OSX development causing a delay, as a big Mac user, this is of huge concern to me. I just hope your balancing development and working as much as you can. Is OSX development still a huge priority? I have a worry that Apple is branching away from computers and not updating their computer customers as much.
Jobs reply:
No. Not to worry.
So there you have it. I guess everything is OK with OS X. Steve isn’t abandoning the Mac platfrom just yet. Of course, we’llsee what happens at WWDC in June.