iCelebrity: Don’t Mess With Mariah Carey



There were some good cameos in Adam Sandler’s guffaw-fest “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan,” like Charlotte Rae, (Mrs. Garrett in “Facts of Life”) as a superannuated, sexed-up hair salon client, but Mariah came through with a spot-on Mac endorsement.

Mariah plays herself in the movie. While she’s in her dressing room, Zohan comes in to fight nemesis Phantom there. The fight is interrupted when Zohan gets a phone call. The dialogue detours into product placement territory, starting with the make of his phone, then this gem, about two-thirds through the scene

Mariah: “I can never figure that Bluetooth shit out though.”

Zohan: “Mariah, it’s very simple you stick it to your PowerBook. Go ahead, Phantom will tell you.”

Phantom: “Mac or PC?”

Mariah’s assistants, in unison: “Mac.”

Spotted a Mac in a movie or magazine? Let me know.

  • alexisshemale

    The NBC show LIPSTICK JUNGLE is completely MAC

    desktops/laptops/iphones etc

    its HOT…gotta watch it

  • DibS

    Still one of the WORST movies ever made. I’m shocked that you would even dignify it. It has not a single redeeming quality… Even for a Sandler piece of crap… This is a new low…