Prieview: That Hint of Gold, For Your Earbuds



Swiss designers Big Game have just launched a collection of pimped everyday objects called “New Rich” by replacing one plastic part on each with real gold.

In it are Apple earbuds with a gold “bolo tie” look, lending a hint of bling to your iPod. Subtle, yes. Practical, no. Cool, definitely.

The idea behind it?
“We’ve picked standard, universal products, and replaced a part of each object by an equivalent in gold”¦We love the shrewd blend between the down-to-earth functionalism of mass-products and the ultimate precious material: gold.”

Prices to come…

via Josh Spear

2 responses to “Prieview: That Hint of Gold, For Your Earbuds”

  1. imajoebob says:

    Good timing, guys. Maybe next you’ll introduce your golden parachute? No, not that kind. The one your target market needs when they jump off the ledge.