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Will 2nd-Gen iPad Include a Camera?



The second-generation iPad may include a camera, an analyst told investors Wednesday. Omnivision, which makes sensors for digital cameras is “well-positioned” to be a supplier to Apple’s iPad, as well as the iPhone, according to J.P. Morgan analyst Paul Coster.

In a related note, RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky said Tuesday most consumers interested in buying an iPad are waiting until the second-generation tablet device is released before pulling the trigger and purchasing the gadget. Abramsky speculates 60 percent of interested consumers held back from the April 3 launch, perhaps explaining why analyst forecasts were far higher than the 300,000 sales Apple reported Monday. A second-generation iPad would likely address items such as a camera, Flash and USB ports missing from the first iPads released.

Apple will sell 5 million iPads during calendar 2010 and almost double – 9 million – in 2011, according to Abramsky.

News that Apple will release version 4.0 of the iPhone OS has led some to speculate the Cupertino, Calif. company could release other surprises, such as updated iPad sales numbers or new hardware.

Tuesday, consumers who ordered an iPad after Apple moved the delivery date to April 12, began receiving shipment confirmation that the devices were on their way from China, according to one report.

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