iCelebrities: Gisele Bundchen & Alessandra Ambrosio



Victoria’s Secret models Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio in between takes on an ad shoot busy with Mac laptops.

Nice to know that Brazilian beauty Bundchen — aka “I’m a Mac Home Movie” — hasn’t fallen into the Charlize Theron trap.

Funny how big those lap tops look poised on those tiny, model laps.

Seen an iCelebrity? Let me know.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Galvao

14 responses to “iCelebrities: Gisele Bundchen & Alessandra Ambrosio”

  1. Petskos says:

    I m pretty sure these laptops arent even turned on!

  2. Petskos says:

    And look… theres both a white and a black macbook.. how convenient and ‘coincidental’ …

  3. Maciej says:

    It is not white macbook, it’s oldschool iBook 12” ;)

  4. Chris Maxcer says:

    Hey, “Funny how big those lap tops look poised on those tiny, model laps” . . . that was my first impression, too! I mean, that’s a MacBook! Compared to my knees, a MacBook is freaking tiny.

  5. AJB says:

    This “iCelebrity” theme is getting old really fast. I don’t read this site for the crappy celebrity news. My vote: drop it.

  6. Tice says:… (much more iCelebrities!!) : )

  7. imajoebob says:

    uh oh. If they figure out I’m dating both of them I’m a dead man.