Price List Leak Suggests $800 Notebook Mac



All over the place this morning is the latest image of a rumored new Apple laptop. But here at Cult HQ, we’re more interested in The Inquisitr’s claim that the new line-up will include a $800 notebook.

Single piece of aluminum or not, a notebook that cheap from Apple would be a very interesting move indeed. It would be a clear signal that Apple was ready to dive into new consumer territory, pushing the brand awareness it’s built over the last couple of years to really drive sales of more Macs.

How much can we trust The Inquisitr’s scoop? One comment says: “Apple retailers don’t typically get price lists 10 days in advance.” But post author Duncan Riley says his source is “someone with access to the price list”. So six to one, half a dozen to the other.

It just might be that the timing of an announcement like this could work out in Apple’s favor. One argument says that in times of recession, people don’t spend as much on consumer goods. Another argument says yes, but people are still going to need computers, so cheaper ones will be more attractive.

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    Always a satisfactory amount of insight and commentary in a Turnbull post.