iPhone OS 4 Revealed In Just Three Days


iphone os 4

We knew it was coming — we just had no idea it’d be here so quickly. Yes, iPhone OS 4.0 will be revealed to the world at a press event this Thursday, at 10 a.m. Pacific, according to our friends over at Gizmodo — and every other tech blog under the sun.

They think it’ll bring multitasking to the iPhone — and I hope they’re right. But if that’s true, why didn’t we see some version of this on the iPad, beside the multitasking that takes place with some of the iPad’s native apps?

Other improvements we’d love to see: better Bluetooth functionality (like, hello, the ability to print to Bluetooth-enabled printers); more complete AVRCP controls (why Apple neglected to support forward/reverse for Bluetooth devices — forcing me to use Voice Control to skip tracks, which invariably results in accidental calls to random contacts at 2 a.m. — I’ll never know); the ability to customize the iPhone’s homescreen, like one can with the iPad…

But enough about our wants. What about you guys?

[via Gizmodo]