Apple Trademark Infringement? You Decide



A Canadian tech school with an apple logo was sent a letter from Apple lawyers, claiming the school’s green and blue symbol violates Apple’s trademark.

It won’t settle the lawsuit, but they’re posting the legal letter, news reports and a poll asking people what they think.

Over 6,000 people have voted, about 75% of voters in favor of the school.

Lawyers aside, The Victoria School of Business and Technology could probably benefit from a better-looking design.

What do you think?

Via The Mac Observer

  • fellowcanuck

    While I’m not a fan of Apple’s claims of copyright violation, I do think this logo steps over the line. Maybe it’s just me, but how does an apple relate to The Victoria School of Business and Tech? Apple Ltd. developed the symbol (and its arbitrary meaning), so the onus is on the Victoria company to prove that they’re not just ripping off a highly successful (and recognizable!) brand.

    Who cares if it looks “close” or not, what is their rationale?

  • lonbud

    This is much closer to Apple’s logo and more apt to cause confusion in the minds of consumers than was Apple’s original logo rendition vis a vis The Beatles’ Apple Records logo.

    If 75% of those poll respondents favor the school, I have to think the polling is rigged.

  • Daryl

    I think it’s deceiving when the logos are side-by-side… If I saw the school’s logo on its own, my first thought wouldn’t be Apple Computers.

  • Jamal

    So anything logo that has an apple is a Apple logo??? hmmmm thats sounds STUPID!! So i suppose all of the markets that sell apples should be sued. Not to mention if you eat a apple. Then it’s a apple with a bit out of it so it looks more like the Apple logo. So the lesson here is clear STEVE JOBS DOESN’T WANT YOU TO EAT APPLES!!!!!!

  • CK

    While apples have always been associated with eduction, I think this one may be a bit too close, especially because it is a tech school.

    The average public may think this school is certified by Apple. The designer could have at least pointed the leaf slightly different or design a 3/4 top-down logo which would still be identifiable.

  • GSP

    What does an apple have to do with the school ? Its clearly not part of their name and apart from the obvious and very vague teacher-apple connection I can’t see any reason for them to use an apple-shaped design …. other than to mislead/confuse people.

  • abhimatgautam

    This image, from AppleInsider, may help put it in context:

  • imajoebob

    I hear they also have their own soft drink, “Pipsi-Cola,” with a green and blue Yin & Yang logo.

  • imajoebob

    I hear they also have their own soft drink, “Pipsi-Cola,” with a green and blue Yin & Yang logo.

  • Jay

    Agreed with Abhimat, with the two logos side by side as you’ve posted here it clearly looks like apple is picking on another tech company that dares to use it’s iconic piece of fruit.

    However looking at the logo usage on those windows and there (… and yes, there is definite room for confusion between the 2 companies.

    I’d say Apple has a valid case here.

  • Anton

    Well, first to admit I haven’t read all the replies, so if I’m being redundant, please excuse me.

    Apple needs to defend their logo, otherwise if too many companies use an apple as a symbol in their own logos, then it dilutes the Apple trademark. Apple needs to protect this, and they are rightfully doing so.

    If that school of “business” was worth half a shit, then they would understand this, and in fact, this would be a small chapter in class one day in their curriculum.

    Apple is correct in their legal action.

  • Nicole Martinelli

    Agree with you guys that the side-by-side view doesn’t help their cause — the screen shot above comes from the school’s poll page (also linked above) where they put the two logos like that, asking people to weigh in…

  • Diogo Piedade

    It does seem at least based on apple’s logo, specially beign a tech school and all, but I don’t think it’s a reason to sue them because it’s just a school. They should say something, maybe make them change logo, but I don’t see a need to go too far on this.