Meet Miles the iBunny



This is Miles the iBunny, enjoying the comfort of his hutch, formerly a classic first gen iMac.

Owner Lisa Balbes of Balbes Consultants told us: “Four Macs is not enough for one family. We currently have six for our family of four (one is an original SE). We pass them down through the family, and my pet rabbit Miles is at the bottom of the Mac chain. Here he is in his iBed.

“I travel a lot for business, and recently realized I had visited several Apple stores. I have now made it a goal to eventually visit all of them. Does that qualify me as a Mac fanatic?”

I don’t think we need answer that one, do you?

2 responses to “Meet Miles the iBunny”

  1. nickux says:

    odd but i actually own that same towel. Me and my fuzzy friend here love to be draped in terry-cloth.