How To Find In-Stock iPads


The iPad line in Miami. CC-licensed pic by Gubatron.
The iPad line in Miami. CC-licensed pic by Gubatron.

If you’re looking to score an iPad this AM, it may be wise to check the shopping site before heading out.

The site has a page listing the availability of iPads at Apple’s retail stores and Best Buy.

The system hooks into the internal stocking systems at Best Buy and thousands of other retail stores (not sure how it has data from Apple)., tracks the real-time in-store availability of Best Buy products, and almost 50,000 other retail stores nationwide. No more driving to or calling all of the Best Buy stores in a hundred mile radius to locate what you are looking for. Early adopters in hot iPad pursuit can simply enter their location and type “iPad” on the Web site or from their mobile phones and will find the nearest Best Buy location with it in stock.

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