Luxe Cocoon Controlled by iPhone



LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) is cocooning for the aughts, or “a unique sleep experience and rejuvenation environment,” as the designers call it.

The fiberglass egg-shaped bed emits soothing sounds (from a built-in iPod), beams tired eyes with “color-therapy filtered lights,” and offers a variety of massage options.

All functions are controlled by a specially-programmed iPhone.

Created by a design trio based in Liechtenstein, only the price may not make you rest easy: around 40,00 euro, or about $55,000.

  • accolon

    Wow, I didn’t know the Euro was that strong: “40,00 euro, or about $55,000”. By the way, you probably meant “Liechtenstein”.

  • Nicole Martinelli

    Thanks for spelling save….

    The euro has had a pretty good year, here’s where I estimated the rate: