Paste Your Face On A Billboard With New Image-Manipulation App


mr photo

Ever wanted to make it look like it was your face on the massive billboard you pass every day on the way yo work? Sure. We all have — and now we can, sorta, thanks to a new app called Mr. Photo from Italian developer Seac02.

Have a look at the English-disadvantaged blurb from the app’s App Store page, and everything will become clear:

“MrPhoto 1.0 is the first genuine Augmented Reality focus with realtime hardness tracking and user generated hardness target. The focus allows to supplement any design from a fire done by a iphone camera, Augmented being algorithm will take caring of a viewpoint of a Augmented being content. Take a print of an outside promotion print and put your design with a single click, no photoediting during all MRphoto and his record will do anything for you. MRPhoto is a initial genuine step to visible tagging, user generated tags for user generated contents.”

No? Thoroughly bewildered and/or entertained? Yes. Fortunately, I can help decipher this mess, as I’ve had the advantage of viewing the much more ably-worded press release:

Basically, the app will allow users to paste a photo (eg. a portrait) onto a shape within another image (eg. a billboard or book cover), with the first image being altered by the app to fit within the borders of the shape on the second. Whew. Make sense now?

Not sure if it actually works, we haven’t tried it yet — though the few ratings about it at the app store might suggest otherwise. But it’s free right now, so check it out.