The Otterbox Defender Case Is Armor For The iPhone [Review]



The Otterbox Defender iPhone Case is the Hummer of iPhone cases. Offering three layers of plastic armor, it protects the iPhone in any terrain.

The Defender case is chunky but offers serious protection for tough jobs. This is a case for construction workers, firefighters, and stunt skateboarders.

The Otterbox Defender has three layers to protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches.

  • There’s a clear protective membrane for the screen.
  • Then there’s a polycarbonate shell that clips around the iPhone on all sides. The shell is tough and shatter proof. It will survive almost anything, excpet getting run over.
  • The third layer is a durable silicone skin for shock protection. It also has rubber tabs for protecting the dock connector and headphone jack from dust and debris.

The volume buttons are also covered with a silicone tab, but work just fine. The silicone tends to collect pet hair and dust so you will need to wipe it off to keep it clean.

The Defender case has a belt clip holster that swivels around and also serves as a stand for your iPhone. Although the Defender is sturdy, it is not waterproof — do not submerge it in water.

The Defender is available in four colors for the iPhone 3G/3GS. It costs$49.95. The price may seem steep, but when you consider that it may save your iPhone, it’s a small price to pay.

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Model: Defender iPhone case

Company: Ottorbox

Requirements: 3G/3GS models of the iPhone

List Price: $49.95

Buy Now: The Otterbox Defender iPhone Case is available from Amazon for $31.23 with free shipping.