Review: Create Gorgeous Panoramic Photos On Your iPhone With AutoStitch Panorama



Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but why settle for a measly thousand words when you can cram 10,000 into one panoramic mega-photo!? Well take heart shutter bugs, Autostitch Panorama is here to give you the verbose images you so desire.

Autostitch is super simple to use. It works like this. Using your favorite camera app, take a bunch of pictures of whatever you want in your mega-photo. As you snap away, try to have each photo you take overlap about 1/3 of any other photo you take (so AutoStitch knows how the images fit together). When you’re content you’ve captured everything, import all those photos into AutoStitch, hit one button, and boom! baby, Autostitch births a giant panoramic image just for you!

“But surely the images don’t look that good,” you say in half murmur. Not so! Since picture quality was my primary concern, I decided to put this little app through some tests, creating panoramic mega-photos of all sorts of different sceneries.

Putting Autostitch through its paces, I was actually quite surprised by the results I got. For the most part, all my panoramics looked very nice. I say for the most part because Autostitch did have occassional issues with keeping elements within my panoramic shots sharp. Like if I was trying to stitch together photos of a person standing in front of a mountain range, the mountains would look great, but the person’s face and body could sometimes exhibit a bit of blurriness. Annoying, but not a huge deal for me since it didn’t happen very often.

Overall, I have to say I really love all the picture goodness you can cram into one photo with Autostitch. This nifty little app makes it dead simple to create captivating panoramic shots. You can even export these pictures at different quality levels to your Mac (which I recommend doing because you’ll find you want to crop the mega-photo to clean it up a bit).

Autostitch FTW!

Autostitch Makes Panoramic Shots Easy!
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Company: Cloudburst Research
Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
List Price: Normally $2.99, on sale now for $1.99
Buy Now: AutoStitch Panorama is currently available in the iTunes Store for a sale price of $1.99.