AppleTV Update Adds an “Off” Switch



Apple published the 2.2 update for Apple TV users last night and the biggest news may be that users will now be able to turn the device off from within the control panel.

A major complaint about Apple TV has been that the thing runs extremely hot, in addition to the fact that even when not in use, it sits there burning kilowatts of energy, very much at odds with the company’s aspirations to environmental friendliness.

Now, finally, users may put the device into “Standby” mode by pressing the “Play/Pause” button for about 3 seconds from the Main menu. There is also a “Standby” option accessible from an interior menu that I can’t mention here because WordPress doesn’t like the word. But it rhymes with vettings.

As expected, US Apple TV users can now buy HD TV shows directly from iTunes. The latest update also lets users make music video playlists from their favorite songs and Genius can be used with Apple TV, as long as users activate Genius in iTunes and sync with their device.

See all the update features here.


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18 responses to “AppleTV Update Adds an “Off” Switch”

  1. C says:

    Putting the AppleTV into standby mode by holding the Play/Pause button has been available since it was released. The only difference before this update was that it took 6 seconds instead of 3.

  2. tcterrified says:

    Pretty sure the Play/Pause for 3 Seconds Standby always was there, that’s what I used when I wanted to slightly lessen the chances the box would burn down the house. Maybe they just added the “Standby” from “Settings” menu functionality?

  3. Slagheap says:

    It has always(*) been possible to put it in standby by holding the Play button for 3-seconds. It’ll be nice to have it in the menu too.

    (*) I got an AppleTV when it was originally launched and I’m pretty this is given in the instruction booklet.

  4. satinJive says:

    Another dumb post from Lonnie. Apple TV always had the standby mode, since version 1.0. Someone hire a fact checker for this person already.

  5. Walt says:

    I’ve been able to put my ATV in stand by mode by pressing and holding the play button since version 1. Have they changed what happens?

  6. lonbud says:

    @satinjive – Apple put the Play/Pause and Settings > Standby changes in the listed Features for the Update, as you can see in the linked document. Take it up with them.

    If you have other examples of factually inaccurate reporting on my part, I’ll be happy to post corrections.

  7. Andrew Kircher says:

    No, you’re right, Lonnie. I just tried, and the play/pause standby approach only works from the main menu, whereas before it worked anywhere, even during playback. So, this is a change. So, to all you posters, judge not…

  8. Pochka says:

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  9. Tim Lynch says:

    Unfortunately, although the AppleTV 2.2 software update makes the existing “standby” mode more accessible, my unit still draws a full thirteen watts while in standby mode, so the power savings and heat reduction are very modest.

    Please see the post below for more details, if interested: