Incipio’s Tribal ECO iPhone Case Rocks On! [Review]



With its granite coloring and design, the Incipio Tribal Regrind ECO Case actually looks like a piece of carved stone.

This iPhone case is made out of 100% recycled silicone, and at least 20% of that is waste materials from other Incipio products. This makes The Tribal Regrind ECO Case one of the greenest molded cases ever.

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The Tribal Regrind Eco|Case has a nice feel to it and a great texture providing great grip. It costs $24.99 but this seems like a bargain for the serious amount of protection it provides.

The molded, high-density silicone goes on and off super easy and offers easy access to docking and all other necessary features. The design is pleasant to look at and you can almost imagine someone chipping away at it with a chiseling tool.

Although the Eco Case provides superior protection, there is nothing protecting the front screen. You would need to purchase some type of screen protection if you are worried about this. Incipio offers several different kinds on its website starting from $12.99

However, this unique, conversation-starting piece is thick as iPhone covers go. You will have a hard time stuffing it in your pant pockets. It is much better off in a bag. Some people may not like the bulk, but I personally like the extra thickness. It is much easier to hold to your ear with your shoulder while talking on the phone.

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Company: Incipio
Model: Tribal REGRIND ECO|Case
Requirements: Most models of iPhone
List Price: $24.99
Buy Now: The Incipio Tribal Eco case is available from Amazon for $24.99