Portable 13-inch monitor will make your Mac Mini a coffee shop machine



MEDL Technology’s The Panel is a monitor you can travel with: a slim, rechargeable 13-inch monitor that will work with just about any major device over USB… no VGA, MiniDisplay or HDMI port required.

Weighing just 2.2 pounds and lasting over five hours a recharge, the 1280 x 800 LED-backlit Panel will hook up with about any device that can interface over USB, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, Ipods, DVD players, digicams and video game consoles.

This actually looks pretty useful. Not only can you use it as an easily totable secondary monitor, but you could use the Panel to bring lots of not-so-portable machines on the road with you.

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for a price and release date, which means we’ve probably got a few months to go yet before we use the Panel to bring our Mac Mini to the local Starbucks for its debutante appearance.