Obama for America iPhone app



The next time you’re stuck in traffic, start stumping for Obama.
That’s the idea behind the Obama for America iPhone app, free for download on iTunes.
It organizes your contacts “by key battleground states” and keeps an anonymous record of your virtual campaign trail. And if you haven’t got a move on yet, it’ll tell you where the nearest Democratic headquarters are and keep you updated on local events.

While it seems a little full-on for the armchair activist, kudos to iPhone dev’er Raven Zachary for the idea.

Via Cnet

4 responses to “Obama for America iPhone app”

  1. John says:

    Is it just me, or does this look oddly familiar?

    Like Windows Mobile, perhaps?

  2. camel jockey says:

    Is there a tie in with Bill Ayers and Dohrn?