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Another zen Mac desk



Here’s one for the ZOMG THERE MUST BE NO CABLES VISIBLE types among you. Yes, you know who you are.

This is the iDesk. Of course, you knew it would be called that.


You’re looking at this and you know you must own it, because Mummy can’t make the scary cables go away otherwise. And once you have it, you too can set up your iPhone and your iMac in blissful harmony. All that crummy paperwork that keeps getting in the way will be burnt.

It will all be worth every penny of the €2,200 (about $3,000 or £1,700) you spend on it. Every. Single. Penny.

You there at the back. Stop pulling those silly faces. If the wind changes direction you’ll stay like that, you know.

More desk. Again more desk.


6 responses to “Another zen Mac desk”

  1. Nouman Saleem says:

    the best of the best.

  2. Alex says:

    Can someone really justify €2,200 for the wire channel, and an integrated iPod dock?

    It’s not an original design, more of a modification of many countless others, as the Ikea parallel illustrates.

  3. Georges says:

    Upgrade to iPhone 3G, need a new desk.