Online Publishers: iPad, E-Readers Will Have ‘Absolutely No’ Impact in 2010


CC-licensed. Thanks to Rego on Flickr.
CC-licensed. Thanks to Rego on Flickr.

Traditional publishers may be feeling the heat to develop iPad apps and versions of their pubs, but online publishing execs are adopting a wait-and-let’s-see 2.0 attitude.

The Association of Online publishers polled its 1,500 members, finding them optimistic for 2010 — but not about e-readers or iPads.  Half of the respondents predicted strong growth of 10%+,  mainly from display ads and an uptick in video, with a number of smaller revenue streams adding to the bottom line.

When asked about the impact of e-readers and tablets in 2010, that sunny outlook was a bit scarce.

Here’s what they said in video interviews:

—Mail Online MD James Bromley: “These are still really really embryonic devices that are great and fantastic, and I want to be at the top of the queue to buy one and play with it. But we’re talking about a very, very narrow subsection of society that will have these in 2010. This is the time that we learn about these devices – ‘11, ‘12, ‘13 is when these might become slightly more mainstream.”

—Conde Nast Digital UK manager Emanuela Pignataro: “E-readers will be the novelty of 2010. I don’t think it is a short-term adoption – it will take years.”

—Thomson Reuters consumer GM Tim Faircliff: “I don’t think we’re quite there yet.”

—Incisive Media digital manager John Barnes: “The issue with tablets is, they’re not really servicing the needs of color, with graphics and diagrams – it’s a bit like version one of the iPod.”

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