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Leaked Pictures of New MacBook Pro?



Picture 6.png

Is this the new MacBook Pro?

The picture above claims to be a camera phone pic snapped by an Apple employee on the design team.

If the picture is real, it means the new MacBook Pros, expected to be unveiled October 14, have a few design changes:

1. It has a unique two-tone case. A first for Apple. The lid looks like it’s made of glossy black plastic, with an aluminum bottom.

2. The lid dispenses with hook clasps in favor of a magnetic latch mechanism, like current MacBooks.

3. There’s no multitouch sensitive “glass touchpad,” as rumored.

The Apple source also sent an ad featuring the MacBook Pro that is destined for Apple’s website.

The MacBook Pro ad after the jump.

Picture 4.png

The ad, however, looks patently fake. As does the tagline:

“A blend of beauty meets beastly power.”

That doesn’t sound like Apple at all.

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66 responses to “Leaked Pictures of New MacBook Pro?”

  1. alexisshemale says:

    well as far as the tag line not being like apple at all…who would have thought they would use a line like “THE FUNNEST IPOD EVER” for the 2G iPod Touch…

    and as far as the design…i could buy that design…it would seem to me that they would finally want to bring the Macbook and the MBP more in line together as far as design and get away from the old Powerbook G4 look…besides it still has that Powerbook look in the keyboard area…and therefore it will also fall in line with the Macbook Air design and the Black Macbook which is becoming more and more popular…besides they go with the new black and aluminum iMacs design…could be a good pic and a good source…but these days you never know…they could do nothing with them until January…we can hope and pray that we know what they are going to be doing but experience has always shown us…NEVER TRY TO PREDICT WHAT STEVE JOBS IS CAPABLE OF!…or will do next…thats why we love him

    besides the 14th is only 12 days away…will be here in no time…cant wait tho

  2. sbiz says:

    fake fake fake…. not in apple-style ;)

  3. Greg Smith says:

    The MacBook will be AL and the MacBook Pro will be Plastic? Sounds like BS to me.

  4. bosshog says:

    looks like the current 17 inch macbook pro with some decent black paint job. doesn’t look like any design changes other than color…

  5. /m says:

    looks more like a HP laptop.

  6. Tice says:

    Muahaha!! Not even close! The frame of the display is way to thick. The touchpad in black? Come-on! And the ads text Pro, on-the-go. ??? This is so obviously fake!

  7. .albert says:

    The aspect ratio doesn’t even look widescreen — it looks 4:3.

    Not to mention two-tone plastic and Al is disgusting.

  8. Freezer says:

    No way…looks like a Dell !

  9. MacSheikh says:

    The two-tone design, if true (as pictured), is totally fugly. I f it really turned out like that in real life, it’d better look a whole lot nicer that this. Hopefully a case of looking better in real life than in photos again.

    And like you said, the tagline is SO un-Apple. Something like “Beauty Meets Beast” would be more Apple-like, i think.

    Also, i disagree with Scott on the “The Funnest iPod Ever” tagline. It is so different/wierd/unusuall (?) that it IS kinda Apple-like.

    IMHO of course. :-)

  10. Chimi says:

    Son mas feos que pegarle a un padre con un calcetín sudado.

    Eso es un fake de narices. Parecen portatiles PC de los cutres cutres.

  11. ximon says:

    “It has a unique two-tone case. A first for Apple.”

    What about the original iBook?

  12. Eric says:

    Cool. Looks like the new macbook pro only takes mini-cds. Will have to dig those out of my drawer. See, mini cd’s are not dead until Apple says so. Or, at least until some photoshop genius says so…

  13. labor says:

    looks ugly

  14. Parnico says:

    This look to be a PC more than a mac to me,…Fake,….

  15. Ugh says:

    Trackpad too small, looks ugly. You’ve got a better chance of this being the new Macbook Pro.

  16. Ugh says:

    Hmm. It wouldn’t take the URL. One more try:


  17. phaty says:

    all those leaked pictures start to annoy me. If THAT would be Apple-Design I’d question my membership in the Cult – BIG TIME!

  18. Marcelo Pinheiro says:

    Let’s hope that these are fake as it looks ugly.

  19. jibberz says:

    Definitely fake. Look at any of the Apple ads and you see the shiny reflection of the product on the surface. You definitely don’t see that here.

  20. RadRob says:

    Way to shiny rendering in the ad, with a very crude bevel (too flat). As for the picture, nice shadows (http://www.maxwellrender.com/) but still too clean. And a black MBP with alu insides? How very Dell… Lets just hope i’m right…

  21. PAR says:

    Yeah, I think the half and half design of the case marks it as a fake (unless we’re all wrong and it’s actually black anodized aluminum).

  22. deepkid says:

    that is FUGLY. please don’t be true.

  23. esb says:

    I guess I’m just different but I happen to love the two tone design. I don’t think it looks anything like a HP either. Also imagine if they do multiple color configs for the laptop, similar to the ipods. You might hate it in black and aluminum, but what about green or blue or…

    I’m not sure if this is fake or not, but I gotta say the two tone reminds me of old classic two tone cars.

  24. Nobody Important says:

    Who honestly has time to do this crap? I mean what the hell do they get out of it? And when they’re finished with this at 4:30a.m., do they beat off their lonely nerd dick before they go to bed?

  25. imajoebob says:

    Cool! When my ancient PowerBook Ti finally croaks (possibly imminent) I can sell my keyboard to some schmuck who buys this POS!

    C’mon people, good Photoshop mash-ups must at least use current technology.

  26. Al says:

    very ugly indeed.
    I hope they are not real.if they are then it’s gonna be end of apple’s cool design era and start of dell-like ugliness.

  27. Orlando Barros says:

    Yeah, its pretty ugly. Looks like a Powerbook wearing a Tuxedo. Kinda like a Penguim

  28. turkmac says:

    I think its really ugly.I am really I have to penryn all aluminum mbp!the only good thing is the new one is thinner and I guess it has a performance boost…

  29. koyaanisqatsi says:

    maybe its a hybrid joke…. macbook top on a pro bottom… that would mean they are gonna share sizes?

  30. matt 818 says:

    first of all, anybody can make pretty much the same looking MBP on colorwarepc.com except for the keyboard and trackpad (easy on photoshop). second of all, in the ad only one of the MBPs has a cd slot, or at least its WAYYYYY easier to see, which is pretty retarded. i call fake, even though i think it wouldve been bad-ass. we’ll see, only 10 more days….

  31. web says:

    (deep breath)…

  32. iBe says:

    This is legit people!

    The industrial designers figured that all they need to do to revamp the macbook pro is to paint the top black and make the keys and trackpad black to match. Hehe suckers won’t know it’s still the same old macbook pro – its got black paint FFS that’s gotta be a design feature.

  33. Steve says:

    The photo is a fake! Look at the open laptop on the right, the screen is far to large to close over top of the keyboard…perspective people!