BBC interviews Woz



The BBC web site ran an interview with Woz yesterday, but to be honest there’s not much in it that the average Cult reader won’t know already.

Some of the better quotes:

“You become what you want to be in life. I wanted to be an engineer. I didn’t want to run a company.”

“Lack of resources forces you to do a lot more original thinking.”

“I wanted to do a great engineering job and every time I designed something great, several times in our life, Steve would come and say: Let’s sell it!”

The only fact in the piece that was new to me was the number of cellphones Woz owns: 10. I’m surprised it’s only 10.

Picture of Woz by Eric Rhoads, used under Creative Commons license.

2 responses to “BBC interviews Woz”

  1. imajoebob says:

    Has anyone ever taken a good (complimentary) picture of Wozniak?