Leave The Wallet At Home With Sena’s Walletskin iPhone Case [Review]



Just like a Reese’s Cup with its perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate, the Sena Walletskin case has taken two great items, an iPhone and a wallet and combined them into one great wallet case.

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Made from high-quality Napa leather, the $52.00 Walletskin is under 1″ thick. It has four pockets that can accommodate several credit cards. I managed to fit seven cards in the slots. They fit tightly but it’s a good idea to carry less cards anyway. This keeps you more organized and prevents you from spending too much!

The Walletskin is just like Sena’s LeatherSkin case but costs $10.00 more, which seems like a bargain considering it contains a wallet. The Walletskin is available in nine colors.

I really like the Walletskin. It has a great look about it. It fits nicely in my pant pocket and it smells nice. It is not a problem to use the iPhone. The extra girth gives it a nice cushion between the shoulder and ear. The wallet clasp snaps securily shut making it impossible to lose any cards.

The Walletskin comes with a detachable, ratcheting metal clip that allows you to clip the case to your belt.

The case provides a lot fo protection to the iPhone, but ll the buttons are easily accessible. However, when using the camera, credit cards sometimes stick up and block the lens.

A minor complaint is the lack of screen protection for the iPhone’s screen. Not even a clear screen film is provided.

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Model: Walletskin iPhone Case
Company: Sena
Requirements:iPhone 3G/3GS
List Price: $52.00
Buy Now: The Sena Walletskin is available from Amazon for $49.99 with free shipping.