Snapchat doubles down on iPhone jailbreakers


More not good news for Snapchat jailbreakers.
More not good news for Snapchat jailbreakers.

Yesterday, we reported that Snapchat was starting to lock out jailbreakers.

Today, the popular video messaging service is locking out users who are on an out-of-date version of the app. It’s a move aimed at jailbreakers that’s going to catch some people who are slow to update in the crossfire.

In their ongoing war against jailbreakers, Snapchat’s going nuclear… at least as far as out-of-date app users are concerned. iDownload Blog’s Jeff Benjamin reports that users who try to downgrade in order to work around the jailbreak tweak crackdown are now being met with the above message when launching older versions of Snapchat.

The message is essentially telling users to either update or don’t use Snapchat.

As you may recall, Snapchat has long had language forbidding “plugins” in its terms of use, but just recently started enforcing those terms via account lock downs.

Interestingly enough, this crackdown comes around the same time as one of the popular Snapchat tweaks—Phantom—was updated to support geolocation spoofing. One of Snapchat’s features is to present special geolocation filters, essentially stickers, that let users showcase where they are in the world. This ability to spoof has apparently hit a nerve with Snapchat, and it’s doing what it can to protect its product.

After being locked out of Snapchat on their jailbroken devices, some users had figure out how to downgrade the app to get around the ban. Now, that’s no longer an option. How will the jailbreak cat-and-mouse develop next?

Source: iDownloadBlog