Filters for iPhone up for new ownership shortly after launch

Filters for iPhone up for new ownership shortly after launch


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Filters goes up for sale after just four months in the App Store.
Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

Not long after debuting to a pretty successful launch, Filters for iPhone is up for sale. Developer Mike Rundle explains that he has a full-time job plus children to feed and his little side project of love deserves more attention than he can give. His asking price? $10,000.

It’s a pretty decent value when you look at the success Filters has accumulated since its fairly recent launch in March of this year. Rundle outlines on Medium that the app has made just shy of $21,000 in revenue from the roughly 30,500 copies he sold. There are no in-app purchases and the app itself costs only $0.99. It peaked at number 16 in Top Paid apps in the U.S. and number three in Top Paid in the photos category.

The app includes over 800 original filters and effects that come free as part of the one-time purchase for the app, which Rundle says is on purpose. He didn’t like the business model of selling new filters in small bundles for additional in-app purchases. It’s worth mentioning that Filters for iPhone’s design is nothing short of gorgeous, too.

But now, after just four months in the App Store, Rundle is selling it all. That includes the code, design assets and the website. He’s even taking some time out of his schedule to walk through the ins and outs of the app with the buyer. If you or anyone you know is interested in snatching up the project before it sells, get in touch with him.

You can still grab Filters for iPhone in the App Store at just $0.99.