Pixelmator update brings desktop-class photo repair to iOS


Paint away the stuff you don't want in your photos with ease.
Paint away the stuff you don't want in your photos with ease.
Photo: Pixelmator

If you’re looking for a best-in-class photo retouching and editing app, you can’t go wrong with Pixelmator, available both for Mac and iOS.

The mobile version is utterly fantastic, letting you engage in the same sort of high-end photo editing, painting, and graphic design that you find in the desktop version for a fraction of the price.

The new update, which came out on Tuesday, ramps up the photo Repair tool to something that’s five times as fast, and even more precise. There’s also a new Dynamic Touch system, which lets you use the tip of your finger for thin strokes and the pad of your finger for thicker lines.

You won’t see this kind of subtlety and power in any other photo app, especially for $4.99.

The Repair tool took Pixelmator six months to design and implement in its Mac app, but they built it right in to the iOS version of their image editing program from the start.

It’s a pretty magical way to remove unwanted stuff from your photos, with quick, standard, or advanced repairs available right on your iPhone. You can remove small or large objects from complex backgrounds in a snap.

The new update also includes improvements to the Photo Editing extension, which lets you apply Pixelmator effects from the comfort of the built-in Photos app on your iOS device. The team has also overhauled the user manual and added a ton of tutorial videos to get you started.

Seriously, it’s the best $5 you’re gonna spend on an image editing app, so head on over to the App Store and check it out today.